You were good to me

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well it appears the summer is ending this weekend. I just registered for fall classes. I know, I am terrible. I said to myself during the end of last fall semester that I would register for spring early...did not happen. So again in spring I said to myself, IT WILL BE FALL! CLASSES WILL BE MINE!... and now school starts Monday and I have just hit the complete button for registration. I did not necessarily get the classes I hoped for but they are not the worst and they are needed.

Summer was fun. simply fun. 3 trips to so cal. ( 1 minus the hubs) and 1 trip to northern cal, and visitors in between.
-4th of July in sac + quality time with the fam
-HEART! at oc fair
-wedding on the beach
-quality time with the bestie!
-wedding #2
-hanging out, laughing, enjoying our lives.

Visiting with our friends and family was so beneficial for my health this summer. I seriously needed these little vacations and hang outs after a long semeseter and a trying time at work.

I was reminded over and over again this summer how lucky we are to have such great people in our lives.

Last weekend we took a family trip to california with my family and visted Universal Studios. It was the girls first time there and they had a blast! Sal and his two awesome cousings from australia joined us. (and after a cultural exchange conversation I so badly want to visit australia!)

My family rarely takes vacations. I was so happy that for the first time in a long time each of us was able to do something together.

Now we are currently hosting what will most likely be our last house guest of the summer, Brit, my bro's gf/babymama. Which also means, Kyle is now a resident of our home and the great state of arizona. She is totally cute pregnant and I cannot wait to see that little baby!

Summer. I welcomed you this year with open arms and you did not dissapoint.

Thanks, Bri

P.S. Fall- All I want to buy are jackets and sweaters and scarves. I am over the heat and I am ready for you.


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