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Monday, February 15, 2010

This morning has been a definite end to a great weekend.
I did not get great sleep and it due to my lingering friend allergies, it feels like my eyeball might just pop right out.
so I thought why not re-live my weekend here to boost my self right back up?

A co-worker of mine had two tickets to the Mary Poppins play for friday night and she had great seats. She was not going to be in town and since she received them for free she was just giving them away to anyone in our office who was interested.

Well of course I was interested! It is my all time favorite Disney anything. Turns out, I was the iterested party that won!

I took Brittany (aka: Mother to the most adorable baby girl featured all over this blog) and it was really really amazing. If I had spent any money it would have been worth all of it!

There was a bit of confusion and livi thought she was going as well. I felt really bad having to tell her she was not but I bought her the Original Mary Poppins story book to make up for it and a promise that we could see another play together.

Saturday we lounged around for awhile and then my grandmother came over with V-day cupcakes and a crotched blankie and hats for Liela. It was the first time she met her new great grandbaby and the meeting was too cute. We then traveled to my cousin's bday party for a few hours and ate some good grub.

We left early because all four of us (me, tk , my brother kyle and his girlfriend brit) had some v-day shopping to finish. The girls went one way and the guys another. We got back home ordered a pizza and called it a night.

Which brings us to the day of love.

We all contributed to making a breakfast of waffles, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns which was actually very satisfying.

Then we exchanged gifts.

I got tim a neat frame with a picture of us I really love for his office, some chocolate and chocolate martini mix, which he loved. He made me a mix tape (cd) with the most random collection of "love songs" I have ever seen. He use to do this for me all the time when we were dating so I really loved it. The song selection says so much about him and i love that.

Brit got Kyle some fun stuff and an adorable picture of Liela for his room. Kyle gave Brit what must have been a very sweet card because it brought her to tears then they came full blown when he gave her the digitial keychain of nothing buy Liela photos.

Of course that made me cry too.

We recorded Liela taking her first some-what real bath! ahh too cute!

I somehow ended up at Costco with tim... I did not fight his request too much since it was the day of love and I do love him.
My mom came over about 8 to watch the baby and the four of us went to dinner. We attempted sushi since Brit was trying to make up for lost time when she was pregnant but the wait was to much to handle so we ended up at Cho Dang Korean , and i put up absolutely no fight as Tk and I have been on this Soondubu kick as of late.
The food was great and we finished it off with a trip to Angel Sweet Gelato.

I really felt a lot of love around yesterday and it was overall a really good weekend.

Here is my mixtape -


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Peaches & Cream! Ha! Love your mix!

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