Dior Duo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A bonafide four-eyes since the second grade, I have stood in the optometrist office for hours at a time searching for that perfect necessary accesory, that would not only enable my eyes to see but would, with high hopes, compliment my face in some way. As I was admiring my hunk of a husband, I stumbled upon these beauties:

I was just about to reach for my credit card when I noticed the price. I mentally subtracted one digit from that figure and kept reaching, but then my conscience kicked in, so I instead looked in the mirror for another ten minutes and put them back. I love the tortoise shell print and how big and nerdy they are. Plus, how cute would the hubs and I be in matching Dior specs? I am aware that his small Korean eyes provide him with perfect vision but I would insist he wear them everyday for spontaneous and stylish photo ops.
I have not put this purchase completely out of the relm of possibility since this year I need to purchase a new pair of glasses anyhow and I use my glasses everyday, which would make them well worth the money. I will however, act as a responsible financial steward and research other options at a more affordable price. Yep. I will.

*Bonus: Tk thinks I look so cute in them he made this picture his blackberry wallpaper...Aww.


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