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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Long Long weekend was much needed and I am back at work today feeling refreshed, less stressed and ready for VEGAS! on friday.
On top of my already memorial day extended weekend I took a half day on thursday and skipped work on friday.
Thursday: I watched my my sister Kalea graduate from high shchool. It was special and she looked soooo happy after...but now she must find a job ha!
This same day I also received a phone call from my lovely sis-in-law Debbie informing me that because she is way more awesome and makes scrubs looks way cuter than other nursing students she was offered a very coveted job at the infamous Cedar Sinai in Beverly Hills!
(Just to be clear Debbie just said " I got the job!" because she is not full of herself. I added the extra, but true comments.)

Friday: I did pretty much nothing all day. I did not get dressed until about five in the evening and that is exactly what I took the day off for. I laid around all day admiring my adorable niece and I could not think of anything better to do.

I know after looking at this picture you totally understand.
Later that evening we had a lovely dinner, just our immediate family which rarely happens, to celebrate my sister's accomplishment. My poor brother had to miss Kalea's graduation because of work and unfortunately was stuck in so much traffic on friday due to an unbelievable series of accidents that it took him ten hours to get from CA to AZ and missed the dinner as well :(

Saturday: this was one full day! Some of our family from CA had come to town for the graduation and were staying with my parents so my dad made breakfast for us all! We took Liela swimming for the first time and, well, we all passed out from her cuteness and fell in the pool. It was a blast and around two we cleaned up and headed over to my cousin Keelie's grad party and had some good ol' grub!

Sunday: We woke up with heavy hearts because Kyle, Brit and Liela had to return home. They packed up their things from my house and we headed to my moms for a short breakfast. We smothered the babes in kisses and hugs and waved them off. The visit was of course too short. Now the countdown begins till we see her next month when we travel to CA to watch our darling addition be dedicated to the Lord.
We took the girls to a late showing of Prince of Persia and went directly to bed when we got home.

Monday: TK, Sallypoods and myself laid around all morning. I did more laying than anyone I think. By the time I woke TK had already taken Sal for a walk to the dog park and made me breakfast :) We finally gathered ourselves around 3 and did some light shopping. We ate at this new place TK has been dying to try. China Magic Noodle. He loved it, I was less than thrilled.
We rented the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and turned it off less than half way through because it was so boring Tim was dozing off and I was just messing around with my blackberry.
I showered and slept a good sleep, all night long.

It was nice to just relax and take some real time off. We always try and squeeze in a trip somewhere on these long weekends but this time I think we both needed a break and we certainly got it.


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