WtW- Week4

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is it seriously week four? If that is the case I think I need to step up my game a bit. Or, a lot.
This week I was super lazy and have no problem admitting it. I was tired and I let a mild sore throat(that I am positive was passed onto me by the soon to be Mrs. Robles)be my excuse for only working out one day this week. Twice in that day, but only one day.

Although I did not put my BODY IN MOTION much this week,I did not waver much on my diet.
Note: Bodies in Motion was a real aerobic workout VHS that I used to do with my mom when I was a kid. The guy's name is Gilad and he always talks about your buttocks.
I tried real hard to make good choices this week especially because I was physically being lazy.
Other than Sunday, when I threw all rules out the window and grubbed big time on some bomb (is that word still in use?) Hawaiian food. I was still in California and I read somewhere that when you cross a border into another state,you are given the right to make up your own rules for the length of stay in that state... so I am all good there.

On with it...
Weight Loss: 1 pound.
Kinda lame but let us re-cap why I only lost one pound
-Bomb Hawaiian Food
-Lazy ass
and there you have it!
Although, the one pound weight loss is a little week, it does bring my back to the five pound mark so I am happy with that.
Oh yes!another thing.. I am actually starting to see somewhat of a physical change but I have yet to log my measurements so I am not sure of the specifics.
Anyhow goals for this week:
-Don't be a lazy ass

Let's see where that gets me :)


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