My weekend in an Instax...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I realize I have been slacking on my weekend posts, but my weekends have been filled with non-worthy posting material. One weekend missed I am attempting to completely block from my memory. Let it be known.. House Guests do not always equal a good time.
Other weekends (did I miss that many?) most likely consisted of sleeping in, playing with pups and watching TV. No one needs an instax of that. But if you really feel you won't be complete without it contact me and I suppose I will force myself to be lazy once again for your photo satisfying needs =)

Fortunately for us, we were able to spend the last weekend of Summer with our besties (and family!), Ryan and Debbie. Let it be known...these are my all time favorite house guests =)

Note: I do intend to use a whole load of =) through this post. If you want, you can guess right now how many I will use, count them up at the end and if you were right I will send you a prize.
Running total= 2
Guess now!

Weekends with your besties are the best, don't you agree? No one minds if you rip one during a movie because they are sensitive to your troubles with gas. You don't have to worry about keeping the house super tidy because they know you probably threw everything in the closet just before they arrived. And you certainly do not have to feel embarrassed about being in the bathroom for too long because they understand, everybody poops =)

Brianna, were there not supposed to be pictures in this post?
Ah yes! Thank you for your patience, you are too kind =)

The Patterson's arrived very early early Friday morning. We were not the only ones thrilled to have them visiting.. as you can see the pups made them one of their own.

The men got straight to business...

And because straight shots of liquor were just not enough we visited Lee's Cream Liqueur where they make ice cream with the booze right in it =)
We tried some interesting flavors like Jack Daniels chocolate swirl and Margarita. I think the place was just ok. Plus, the lady helping us was just a bit strange. None of us could figure out if she was happy we were there. Maybe she has an alcohol problem and wants the ice cream all to herself?

Throughout the weekend the men played basketball, Debbie went swimming as I watched, we played some games, watched The Town (excellent! Ben, you break my heart), watched McGrubber (seriously, dumb), ate some giant burritos made by mi madre, and just spent quality time together =)

We love you Ryan and Debbie! Thanks so much for visiting in 106 degree weather, your the best(ies) =)

But Brianna, why is Ryan the only one featured in every photo?

Well, he is seriously so in to himself.


I know,right?
=) equals 7. Who won?


Celeste said...

hahahahaah the one labeled "the men got straight to business" is my favorite one :) how cute!

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