My Weekend in and Instax: Welcome Back

Monday, January 31, 2011

This weekend I:
Spent lots of quality time with my husband
Celebrated my darling grandmothers 74th birthday
Cuddled my pups
Basically had a great weekend


I realize it has been quite awhile since I posted an instax weekend and I had a few requests for it.I know what your thinking, people actually read this blog enough to make requests? I was just as surprised.
As a thank you for your patience, here is a racy photo of TK.
I am in serious trouble.

Note: There is pretty much nothing TK hates more than being walked in on while using the bathroom. I have no idea how we are still married.

Note 2: The cake above is pretty delicous. In fact, it is called "Better Than Sex Chocoloate Cake". I will gladly share the recipe and let you be the judge. This post might be getting inapppropriate. I'm out.


Jerame Joel said...

i love the censor on tk.


Marilyn said...

haha good god, Brianna. i was not expecting that picture of Tim to be what it was. you should have seen my reaction when i scrolled down to see it. did you really walk in on him to take that picture? haha...the worst!

also, i'd love that chocolate cake recipe!


D|i|Y EM|i| said...

Pfunk and I just revisited this now that he and tk have a hugging relationship... In tears now! Lol!

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