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Friday, March 25, 2011

I was reading the paper at work yesterday (I like to read the paper at work, it makes me feel more professional, even if I only read the entertainment section) and saw this:

Dashboard Confessional, what? He is still touring?
It is a celebration tour for the 10th Anniversary of his first record "Swiss Army Romance". I loved that record and it makes me feel old that it came out 10 years ago. Don't try and act like you were not belting out "screaming infidelities" in your youth either. I will not believe it.

*note: a friend of mine for the longest was convinced it was "screaming infertility"

I called my sister up to tell her about the show... because she stole my CD once when she was little and fell in love with Dashboard and would play it on repeat all day and it was super annoying. But it could be worse. Like Justin Bieber I suppose.
Anyhow,we have not seen each other for awhile so we decided to go and celebrate with Chris...

He still sounds great and I still know every word and it was fun thinking about where I was 10 years ago when it all came about.
One thing for sure, 10 years ago I did not have to take a nap before going out on a school night. Pathetic.

We sang super loud together and I lost my voice a bit, alcohol was spilled on my feet three times and by 10:30 I was yawning and reminded of why I don't do this too often anymore.

But it was great fun spending time with my sister and watching that adorable tiny man perform.

Hands down. haha I had to.

P.S. I also ran into Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, and of course she was so sweet!


Lyndsay said...

Hey! Im so glad you stopped by my blog to say hello! It was great meeting you and getting to chat a bit. Your blog is so cute!

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