Friday, May 27, 2011


Emily delivered the above message to me via paper airplane to notify me she was ready to leave the office. There was no hesitation from we bounced.

I had a bit of a difficult week, so the long weekend is much appreciated. I was really looking forward to heading to L.A. this weekend, but Tim is sorta an important person at his office and has to make an "appearance" somewhere, and that is going to keep us in town. I have been kinda homesick for L.A. and my friends so I am a bit disappointed but I am planning on making the most of this weekend. I am planning on doing the following:

- Organizing my closet and bedroom
- Baking tasty treats
- Wearing my new dress
- Party at Emily's Saturday
- Talking TK into going to Ikea
- Finishing up the last few episodes of Bones

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:
Zooey Deschanel has teamed up with her best pals and has put together something super cute,

I am loving the sneak peaks of Jenny Gordy's new Wiksten line. Like this and this and this

Dani's tablecloth curtains are so cute and creative!

This site has kept me laughing all week long. My favorite here. Thanks for sharing Em!

This new to me blog is quickly becoming one of my faves. Kate has the prettiest dresses, like this one here.

Funfact- I am sorta in love with Jay-Z. I am digging his new blog and thought this video of his lady was pretty sweet.

I am looking forward to watching this and this. Via CROMEYELLOW.COM

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they may be, hope you have fun!

Happy Friday!


Kara said...

Yayy weekend! I normally work weekends, but had yesterday off and it was AMAZEBALLS. We slept in, ate lunch (and drank margaritas) with my grandparents, toured a resort where our guests might stay for our wedding, got amazing local coffee and spent time with an old roommate and our dogs. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off for my regular "weekend" and I'm looking forward to sleeping in again!! It's the simple things :)

Hellogiggles is the greatest!

brianna kim said...

Kara- Margaritas with your grandparents? your grandparents sound AMAZEBALLS! haha
and seriously sleeping in cannot be taken for granted. I am such a night owl but I have to wake up super early.. I do not apologize for waking up around 11 every weekend no matter what that says about me!! Enjoy your day off !

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