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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I feel like this weekend was super fun and super lazy. pretty much perfect!

Friday was such a good night but I was not so good at taking pictures. We went to see Bridesmaids with Emily and Pat and her sister and brother in law. FUNNIEST movie I have seen in a long time! a must watch!
Afterwards we did not know where to go so we just headed over to Applebees, which was also a good time. Except for our super invasive server:

Server Lady: okay thanks for coming in guys. By the way does my eye look red to you? I have been rubbing it all day and it is really bothering me.

Pat:umm no.

Server Lady
::leans further into the table so Emily can take a look:: do you see any red?

Emily: Umm no looks fine to me.

In Bri's mind: Wow thanks for waiting until after you have served us all our food and drinks to point out that you have some weird eye thing going on and that you have been touching our plates with the same hand your rubbing your eye with.

Super irritating to say the least.

Saturday I did pretty much nothing all day. I worked on a Bridesmaids review for CROMEYELLOW for like seven hours.
sorta like this:
-write one sentence, go bug Tim
-write one sentence, watch tv
-write one sentence, play with pups
-write one sentence, eat
-write one sentence, listen to music
and over again all day.
*Check out the review here!
Around 8 we finally left the house. Tim has been begging and pleading me to go to Culver's with him so he can try the famous Butter-Burger. I have never liked hamburgers so there was just no draw for me, but since he is such a good husband I gave in. Of course we picked up our little sidekick liv on the way.

We brought home frozen custard from Culver's and rented a movie and chilled the rest of the night. My mini-me:

Sunday was Emily's bridal shower. yay Emily is getting married! It was a lovely little get together with some very fine ladies and Emily looked adorable!

When I got home Tim had apparently purchased a large amount of pineapple so we cut some up and took it to my parents house for a little treat. Tim took me to Haru later that night cause I have been dying for some sushi.

Then we came home and watched Bones.


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