My weekend in an instant...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So I know I am little late this week but whateves, it's mah blog, right? I am actually not sure if I am going to keep going with these weekend updates (or at least this sort of update). I don't think there is much interest in it anymore and I am getting sorta bored with it. is on for now!
I just want to assure you all that I did not labor at all, this labor day weekend. In fact, I pretty much doubled the anti-laboring and did nothing responsible whatsoever.
Friday, Emily's hubs was out of town, so Tim took us on a sushi date! Emily thought the soy sauce on this plate looked like a person...what do you see?
Saturday morning we laid in bed and cuddled the pups while listening to This American Life. Perfect way to wake up. (I have no idea why it appears my lenses are tinted?)
We rarely get to eat lunch together so we decided to head out to one of our fave lunch spots, Iguana Macks and grubbed on soup and salad.
Sunday we started our day off with a lot of this(but much less demon dog-ish)
Then we had a day full of movies! 1st up Attack the Block. We have been waiting to see this one for awhile now since all our friends in LA have been raving about it. But of course, Arizona gets everything good super late so this is the first opportunity we have had, and it was only playing at one theatre.
It was so fun guys! Read this and then go watch it!
We grabbed dinner at a new place called Pita Heaven and it was actually quite delish. I would recommend it if your in Chandler and looking for a quick bite.
Then it was Harry Potter time! Okay, I know we waited forever to see it and now I am totally kicking myself for it. Your probably all already know how good it was. I cried through the whole movie. The whole thing.
We got home and had some late night drinks. Then Tim ran to the store for cheese and bread because he had a craving for grilled cheese at 1:00am. And no. We do not already have basic things like bread and cheese in our refrigerator.
Monday we woke up and did more of this...
We lounged around for awhile and browsed netflix when we came upon the entire Power Rangers series so for old times sake we watched the 1st episode.
We ended our weekend with Tostadas at my moms and watching family videos.
It was a great weekend of relaxation and catching up on quality time with my husband. Now this short work week is taking forever. Damn trade offs.


Kira said...

Hahaaha M & I recently got sucked into Power Rangers ep 1 on Netflix too! Wasn't it awesomely bad??

Kara said...

Whaaaat is Iguana Mack's?! I want that!!

bri kim said...

Kira- haha it was soooo terribly good. we cracked up the whole time!

Kara- It's like a biker bar haha. but during the day it is a lot more calm and they have great lunch specials! plus, the patio is dog friendly! I think you need to make a trip down to Chandler and we need to lunch one day!

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