It's 63 outside, it must be Christmas Time!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Note: I intended to post this yesterday but I was so excited about Tims awesome flyer! so If something does not make sense below, you know why...

I'm sure I probably say this every year, but I can't believe Christmas is in 6 days! And every year I say I will have my Christmas shopping done early, but of course, I am still scrambling. I intended to spend all day yesterday shopping but my stomach had other plans for me. You know those times when you think you will take your last breathe in the bathroom? TMI? No guys, that's just life.
Anyways, that means I will be in shopping/decorating/wrapping mode this week. This also happens to be the last week I will be working for the year! I am expecting a pretty hectic, busy week but I have some Christmas themed posts I am hoping to get up.

First off... My Favorite Christmas Movies!My mom has always been big on all things Christmas. Our house was always so awesomely decorated and our tree lit up and beautiful. We also spent the whole month of December watching Christmas themed movies non-stop. I have compiled a list of my top ten. A few classics passed on from my mom and a few I have grown to love on my own. Here we go!

10. The Family Stone- A crazy family with lots of siblings and everyone all up in each others business? Yeah, that definitely hits close to home and I love it. Plus, Diane Keaton never gets old!

9.Gremlins- Okay, so sure, there are little green monsters terrorizing a little town and basically ruining Christmas. But then there is Gizmo and he is just so darn cute!

8. A Christmas Story- I have seen this movie so many times I can recite every word. And thanks to TBS, we are able to watch it literally, all day, Christmas Day (and our mom makes us). You gotta love that tenacious, dirty mouthed little Ralphie!

7. The Santa Clause- It seems like a bad start when Santa dies in the beginning of a Christmas movie, but then Tim Allen saves the day and takes over the job with some character. And most importantly, becomes a better dad to Charlie along the way. Touching, right? Oh and I love Bernard!

6. Home Alone- At first Kevin McCallister might seem like a spoiled and mischievous kid. But take a closer look and you will actually find he is quite the role model for adolescents. He clearly must be a good student to know how to make all those booby traps and he manned up and defended his home for the family that forgot about him. Bravo, Kevin. Bravo.

5. Prancer- I have yet to meet someone outside of my family that has seen this movie and that makes me sad because I love it so much. It's about a little girl who is die-hard believer of Christmas, despite her curmudgeon father and the hard times their family has recently fallen on. She finds a reindeer with a broken leg, whom she believes is Prancer and decides to secretly nurse him back to health. Bonus, Sam Elliot plays the father. Old man crush anyone?

4. Scrooged- Bill Murray doing Dickens? Nuff Said

3. Miracle on 34Th Street (Original)- I stopped believing in Santa Clause when I was about 4 years old but I like to believe that if anyone was ever coming down my chimney it was this guy.

2. The Muppet Christmas Carol- The muppets doing Dickens? Nuff said

1. It's A Wonderful Life- This is my moms favorite Christmas movie and by no coincidence, mine as well. So many years I can remember cuddling up her on the couch and popping this classic into the VCR (ha!. This is the perfect Christmas movie.

Bonus Movie: My brother just text me and reminded me of another one of our favorites, All I want for Christmas. It's about a brother and his little sister who scheme up a plan to get their separated parents back together by Christmas. I didn't want to remove any of the ten I already listed so I am throwing this one in as a bonus!

So there you have it! Watching these movies with my family is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I love that my mom was always so into them and that she passed that same love onto us.
Now go grab a cup of eggnog and pop one of these on! And don't forget to share your favorites too!


Lyndsay said...

Every year I buy a new Christmas movie to add to our collection, and like you we watch Christmas movies non stop to get in the spirit. You have some on your list that I have forgotten about or I havent seen, I will have to remember to watch them.

I love The Family Stone, Elf, Love Actually, and The Family Man. Have you seen the last three?

kaelah beauregarde said...

SO many classics that i need to go watch now!

Gabriel said...

I hope netflix has them! I am using all these classics as an excuse to extend my "holiday couch time"

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