Comic Con- Day 1

Friday, July 13, 2012

I am currently sitting in our hotel bed with stinky feet, an achey back and dry eyes and I am as tired as all get out...but today was just too good not to post about, so I am gonna do it. Plus Sal from Cromeyellow is siting across from me pumping out posts like a beast and I can't let him show me up (Although he is going to!)
So Day 1 is done. I honestly did not know what to expect today. I can appreciate nerd culture just as much as the geek to the left of me (which would be TK) but other than my one day trip to Phx Comic Con a couple months back, I have never experienced true fandom. But I figured, hey I am in San Diego and if this little convention is just too boring and weird, my sister in law and I can always just shop and go to the beach. Win/Win. I'm happy to report, shopping is now on the bottom of my list!
How I could ever think I would be bored is just silly. There is just too much to visually entertain you.
The main floor where all the vendors are set up, is enough to have you lost for hours and aside from the long list of panels to choose from, you really never get tired of seeing some dedicated cosplayer in some wild get up walk by. People watching might just be my favorite thing to do as of right now!
Heres the round up of my fave pics of the day... I know it's a bit much but it was hard to even narrow it down to just these!

The people! Oh, the people!

Handsome Devil!


Girl Crush Alert!! Michelle Williams is too dang cute and Mila ain't bad either!


Baby Dalek!

I took a ton of pictures but I didn't really pay attention to anything else, so if you want to know the specs of what really went down at Comic Con Day 1, head on over to CROMEYELLOW now and Sal will hook you up!

Now I gotta put these little guys to bed, they had a long day. G-night! 


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