Ombre is here to stay...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am not so sure it would be fair of us to consider Ombre a trend anymore. It appears like it may have made its way over to the classic style aisle along with the little black dress and the short bob.
I know I jumped on the ombre train a couple years back and now that I am in the salon, I see a request for it almost everyday. You can't really blame anyone for giving it so much steam. Its that perfect little something to brighten up your locks with out major commitment and it makes everyone look like they spent the last few months lying on the beach. When my sister in law was in town a couple weeks back, I had the pleasure of lightening up her ends a bit and making her look perfectly sun kissed. Lucky for her, she looks pretty much perfect in any look.

And then you throw in an adorable dog and it really can't get much better!


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