a new year...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a new home.
I am in love with our new house.
It is adorable and it feels so warm and inviting.
Of course a few kinks have already presented itself.

Call from Tk to Bk:
BK: Hey Babe
TK: Bri we have a problem, a big one.
BK: What happened?
TK: I took a crap and it flooded the upstairs bathroom and went through the ceiling to downtstairs.
BK: Yuck is there poop all over the house?

In his defense the plumbing was already acting up he just drew the last straw or i guess flushed the last flush. Our landlords are awesome and a plumber has already stopped by to fix the damage.

I cant wait to make this home ours. I have been feeling quite creative and am looking forward to spicing up our humble abode.

Most of all I love sharing this home with my man.


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