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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 2 of the "Burn and Cleanse". I wonder how much burning I am really doing because I definitely know how much cleansing is going on right now.

So far this task has been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I know that it is only day 2 and that is why I am trying not to focus on it too much.

One positive is that I have no cravings. I am not aching for something sweet or even for something that tastes good.

I replaced the dreadful eggs with a protein shake in the morning and that really helped me to start the day off in a better way.

This Cleanse is high in protein, therefore you must eat a lot of meat. Meat eater I am not. You are not allowed Red Meat or Pork. (not that it would make a difference... steak? yuck!)
Pretty much chicken, fish and canned tuna.
The thing is, I am weird with meat. I think if I liked veggies and pasta more I could probably be a vegetarian.
I much prefer not really recognizing that I am eating meat. I like chicken cut in small pieces and mixed in a soup or casserole. Maybe with cheese on top or in a bowl filled with rice and teriyaki sauce. A nice grilled chicken breast, just not so appealing to me.
I am definitely a mental eater and this is just another one of my weird eating habits. But because of this it makes it very hard for me to really focus on consuming a meat based meal three times a day.

I am used to having a granola bar around nine a lunch of maybe yogurt, granola and a fruit around one and then dinner between five or seven. Even though my caloric intake is way low right now and I am pretty hungry all day, it is hard for me to adjust to actually sitting down to eat four meals. Yesterday I was just not able to eat it and ended up somewhere under 700 calories. After working out twice I felt pretty dead. Today I really tried to eat as much as I could. Even finishing every bite I am still taking in less than 950 calories but I know that I really need that extra protein.

I have been working out a half hour during lunch with a co-worker on the treadmill which suffices one of my work outs for the day. Last night I took the poods on a nice long walk and it drizzled the whole time. He was loving it. I actually really enjoyed it as well. The air was cool and crisp from the rain and it felt really nice.
I have been enjoying the work out portion of this thing. I am sore already but it feels good to push myself.

As I continue on the next couple of weeks I am also committing myself to a spiritual cleanse if you will. I feel it very important that as I am challenging myself and trying to shape up my physical self that I rely on the Lord through it and more importantly commit to shaping up my spiritual self. It really could use a better shape at this point and who better to give me the strength.

Off to school to buy books (ouch!) Classes start tomorrow.


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that your blog has a typewriter feel to it. Good luck with the burn and cleanse... I don't have enough strength to pull it off.

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