scrambled eggs make me sick.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Today I start my 14-day "Burn and Cleanse".

Basically I have to stick to a strict diet of chicken, fish, eggs and veggies. No dairy, sugar and of course fat allowed.

I am pretty pumped about it actually. It is my first step in accomplishing that "Get fit and healthy" goal I set for myself.

I woke up this morning feeling good and ready to accomplish this challenge...and then I smelled that awful smell.

This weekend as I outlined my meal plan for the next two weeks I tried to ignore one major factor , which I knew would be my only real struggle through this diet. The diet calls to eat 6 egg whites each morning.

I love them when they are devilish or sunny side up with toast... but scrambled eggs I simply cannot do.

-backstory: As a child I loved scrambled eggs. I raised no issue if my mother filled my plate with fluffy scrambles. At this young, naive age, I had no intentions of ridding my life of this poultry delight. As I approached 8 we decided to live with my grandmother on my father's side. She was a good cook and nothing short of an amazing baker. Your typical loving, smother you in hugs and kisses kind of grandma she was not.Although those attributes lay deep down in her soul she often found less obvious ways to show her love for us, such as making breakfast each Saturday morning. Pancakes made in the shape of mickey mouses head, hearts and even sometimes lizards. Plates full of bacon and sausage and made from scratch hash browns. And of course, scrambled eggs. Runny, somewhat gooey scrambled eggs. These eggs!? I had never had scrambled eggs prepared quite this way. Immediately I assumed these could not be good for you. The runny-ness displayed could only mean they were not fully cooked and if consumed would cause you to grow a small chick in your stomach. Being the finicky child that I was, without hesitation I rejected the offer. My grandmother,a firm believer in the "you must try everything once" rule, in her delightful 30plus year smokers voice, insisted I partake. I proceeded with fear. I wish I could say they tasted better than I thought they would but they tasted exactly as I thought they would. The combination of the taste and the smell made me nauseous. With my dear ol' granny sitting next to me I knew what went in must stay in. I suffered through. Never again could I look at scrambled eggs the same way. Regardless of the preparation, they had been ruined.
Thanks Grandma.

TK kindly woke up early this morning to prepare my eggs. I tried to ignore that familiar yet offensive smell. He packaged them up for me and sent me off to work.
I tried. I really tried. I got about half way through and simply could not take it anymore. Even thinking about it seriously gives me an uneasy tingle in my stomach. I have to be real with myself. I will not be able to accomplish eating scrambled eggs for 14 days. It just cannot happen. I feel a bit deflated because I really wanted to try and follow this cleanse exactly as it had been laid out but I will have to use the offered alternative and supplement with a protein drink of some sort.

Oh well. I am confident, with this slight menu change, I will successfully complete the cleanse.

P.S. Sunday TK woke me up to show me that there was a puppy party happening in our backyard. Two little pups had snuck their way into our backyward through our broken fence and had a playdate with Sal. Sal was thrilled. He ran and jumped like crazy and was visibly sad when it came time to go. This further influences TK's desire to get another dog. I just don't know about that.


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