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Monday, January 11, 2010

We drove back to California this weekend to pick up my brother who needed to attend a couple doctor's appointments here in AZ. So that means in the last four weeks I have traveled to California three times.

I am pooped... to say the least. (although, getting the opportunity to visit with my darling niece once again made it worth it!)

Now it is time to get on with this new year and get started into a good routine.

In correspondence with my goals mentioned in the previous post I think I will try and focus on "sub-goals" so to say, each week.

This week it shall be:

1. Clean my house thoroughly-this last month has been a whirlwind ending the year with a big party and ten house guest for four days. We have not re-cooperated and we have continued to drag our house down with us. Everyday I find a new source of inspiration that makes me want to jump back into decorating our house and accomplish previously mentioned goal# 11. But first things first. THIS HOUSE MUST BE CLEANED!

2. Organize my closet-typically I am pretty anal about my closet. I like to have all my clothes grouped into categories and what not but when we moved in I just threw everything into my closet and left it there which ever way it landed.(Don't be silly, of course I did not literally throw everything I did put the items on hangers, well most of them)

3. Create a "workspace" of sorts for my crafts and projects-A few of my goals for the year had to do with my being creative. I truly do love making things with my hands and it has always been something I put on the back burner. As a child my grandma taught me how to crotchet, sew and embroider. Pastimes I have always adored. But as I got older I put those things aside and, well, basically I suck at it now. My grandmother is a lovely, beautiful lively lady at the wise age of 72. I see no signs of her going anywhere anytime soon but one day I had this thought "What if grandma passes before I am able to learn these skills well enough to pass them onto my children?" This thought made me quite sad. I cherish the time I spent with my grandma and all the things she taught me and continues to teach me. I realized that no sort of inheritance she could leave me would be as valuable as the skills she has taught me. Hence the reason for my goal; of course the time I will need to spend with my grandma is the added bonus!

...and to the point... I believe that if I designate an area in my home for crafting I will be more dedicated to sitting down and accomplishing this. One of the reasons I often skip on making something is I just don't feel like pulling out all the materials and having to put everything back... I know I am lazy, I never denied it. Sooooo, if my materials can stay open and available to me,I should have no excuse right?

So we shall see how this week goes. I feel confident that I can accomplish what I have set forth for myself.

*next week I will be starting a 14 day cleanse to jump start my work on goal # 1, so tonight.... I am making brownies. HA!

I leave you with a picture of Sal... does it get any better?


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