23 goals for my 23rd year...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

one. get fit and healthy
two. grow spiritually
three. be a better wife
four. sharpen my sewing/crotcheting/embroidering skils
five. be more creative
six. follow throuhg with my idea
seven. pursue my goals more actively
eight. learn how to finally use photoshop (tk purchased it for my bday a couple years ago)
nine. take more pictures
ten. write more
eleven. make our house our home
twelve. complete atleast one project a month
thirteen. learn how to cook...decently
fourteen. make more hand made gifts
fifteen. use my typewriter often
sixteen. blog atleast once a week (instead of just thinking about what i want to blog)
seventeen. wear heels more often (try to breathe through the pain)
eighteen. more promplty clean my house and keep my closet organized

nineteen. visit my grandma more (i love my grandma)
twenty. dress nicer to work (they say you will feel better)
twentyone. make an effort to wake up on time during the week and wake up at a decent hour on the weekends
twentytwo. be more adventurous in food choices (of course that still means no onions)
twentythree. send more letters

---i feel like i will add more later ( i have always been too old for my age)


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