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Friday, March 26, 2010

we are preparing to head out of az tomorrow morning and make our way to the great state of California, to return my brother, brittany and my wonderful, most adorable niece Liela to the place of her birth.

Liela has been here for two months and the time really just flew by. It has been such a pleasure to watch those cheeks grow day by day and to see this little precious creature change minute by minute. and No it does not make me want a baby of my own... it just makes me want to have my niece around longer.

I know she will return and I will see her shortly in May (although I am not convinced that i can truly label two months from now as Shortly, when she is growing so fast) but I do not want to miss any of her cute faces and milestones in life.

Because of the deep depression that will ensue once I deliver this little family to their home, it has been decided that the only way to mend my broken heart will be a trip to Disneyland Saturday. It's the only way to make me feel better. Until Sunday of course.

Liela. your my favorite niece and as long as you do not become a brat or terrorist of some kind you will stay that way even after other children begin to call me Auntie, because, you little girl, were my first niece...and that is special.

Note: even if you become a brat or a terrorist, I will always love you but I just cannot guarantee the position of favorite. I am sure you would understand.


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