Wednesday, March 24, 2010

February 23rd marked our 2nd wedding anniversary. two years. wow.
Tk and I decided that anniversaries are not meant for gifts such as a Dvd or t-shirt. We made a pact... Meaningful gifts only... let's make memories.
My husband is pretty awesome in the gift giving department. In fact, no matter a homemade card or a gorgeous purse... since our first gift giving occasion as a couple, he has yet to fail me.
We got a bit gussied up for a nice dinner at the melting pot. we had tried fondu once before and really enjoyed it so we thought we would try it again... and of course Tk had a coupon so it was a must!

we were shown to our table and to my surprise a bouquet of flowers and a "happy anniversary" balloon was waiting for me. Like I said, he never fails. We grubbed on some great fondue.
Tk, fittingly, bought me a necklace engraved with Tk. I love it. Seriously, failing not an option for this man.
* sorry about the terrible photos
The night was special. It really felt like we were celebrating our marriage and each other.
I love my husband :)

What did I do for Tk you ask? Please enjoy:


FutureMrs.R said...

Ah! I love this video! So cute.

The Divine Miss Em said...

This video was amazing! Very "Paper Heart!"

bk said...

Thanks guys!

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