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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The day we were given the keys to our new house, we took my family to see it. Tk and myself. My parents and all four of my siblings.
My dad and Tk were surveying the land considering prospective projects and my mom was walking around noting measurements in her head so she could scan craigslist and find me great vintage pieces.
Myself, brother and sisters were hanging in the empty master bedroom.
My brother, of course, beating up our youngest as we all piled on top of him. After he had beaten the breath out of all of us, we laid side by side on the floor staring at the ceiling laughing about the silly comments my sister was making. I realized that rarely these days is it ever just myself and my siblings hanging out.
I had just purchased my first home. A totally adult thing to do.
But at that moment I felt like a kid again, hanging with my brother and sisters. Laughing about things only we would find funny.
I loved having that short time with my siblings during that milestone in my life.
Livi, my youngest sister said "Hey look, it is just Kakuta kids in here". I took a second to log that moment in my mind and my heart.


Patricia Snook said...

Oh hello, you are utterly lovely, I've fallen for your blog!

Moments like that are so perfect, you realise that you forget all the bad in the world.

I'll be back here again :)


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