An nyoung....

Friday, April 16, 2010

No. The title of this post is not a bunch of random letters. This is how you say Hello in Korean. See my, wonderful, squinty eyed husband is Korean (if you had not already gathered that). He moved to California when he was six years old. Sometimes, Mr. Kim, will tell me stories about what it was like moving to America.

The other night we were talking about getting into better shape and working out. This conversation sparked a memory for him and he told me this little story:

"About a year or so after I moved to California, I was walking home from school and was walking by a mother pushing her small daughter in a stroller. The little girl looked at me and then looked to her mother and said 'Mommy he is reallllyyyyyy fat!' It hurt my feelings and I thought, Is this what Americans are like?"

His story was so sincere.

I laughed and laughed, picturing a young, chubby, TK newly in America and so confused. Then I fell even more in love with that Korean man.


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