What a dump

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last night around midnight, while I was getting ready for bed, I attempted to pick up the pajama pants I left on the floor and they were mysteriously stuck to the ground. Apparently, Sal had decided to take a giant poopie on the carpet and cover it up with my shorts. Although I was quite upset with Mr. Poodielove, I do think the deserves credit for his clever attempt to cover up his mess.
* and his cute " I am in trouble. I am sorry" face always gets me and Tk has to force me to stay away from him for a few minutes so he knows he is punished.
I just got out of the shower and in a high maintenance moment, I felt like cleaning up poop stuck to the carpet for only God knows how long would completely ruin my "Fresh and Clean" feeling.
With one quick "Would you please...." Tk was on top of it and scrubbed that stinky pile away.
Sal sat with his head down and would not make eye contact with either one of us while Tk cleaned up.

I love my husband ( and that because I have one, I am not forced to clean up stinky messes when I do not feel like it )


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