oh vacation come quickly!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thursday was my last day of school so TK decided I deserved dinner and a bit of shopping for a job well done.
I bought a new purse and I bought a fedora. I know, a fedora. I have always been on the fence about them but I saw this one and really liked it. One thing I am not on the fence about is too much sun, so I figured it would come in handy this summer.
I wore it all weekend. I woke up on Saturday and put my hat on while I ate breakfast. TK and I did loads of shopping Saturday because I have minimal summer clothes. I wore it everywhere we went. The hat feels like something you would wear while on vacation and that is exactly how it made me feel. While walking through an outside promenade in downtown Tempe, we stopped at Cost Plus and bought a couple Italian sodas. The rest of the day we decided to pretend we were on vacation and found a new restaurant to eat at and said silly things like " Oh look there...it is a Walmart in Italy!" I took my fedora off when I got in bed. I love it.

TK suggested I take it to work so in the event I am way stressed out I can put it on and drift away to a far off land. I put it in my car just in case.

Although I am carrying a heavy load with work right now, taking school off the calendar really makes things feel a whole lot easier. It feels good to know that I have no deadlines keeping me tucked away in the office all weekend while my husband just sits in the living room and forces himself to play video games. I know it is painful for him.

I am looking forward to starting the summer off with a bang!
My dear niece Liela and her sweet mother Brittany will be flying into to PHX Monday evening. She is getting so big and pictures will not suffice one minute longer.oh but just because...
I cannot wait to squeeze those cheeks and give kisses a plenty! My brother will join us Wednesday night as we gear up to attend my sister Kalea's high school graduation. I still am not sure how she grew up so fast. Tears are approaching...stopping now.
I am looking forward to taking some time off for the event and visiting with family coming in from out of town.

Then we head out to Vegas the following Friday with our BFF's (Tim's sister Debbie and her husband Ryan)for a four day get away. I am anxiously awaiting this departure! The Patterson's, as they are also called, hang their hats in good ol' Sacramento California. It just so happened there was a flight out of Sactown to Vegas with a stop in PHX. Fate? yes. This thrilled me almost as much as the trip itself! I have flown a zillion times and I have never had the pleasure of taking a trip with a friend! Maybe that is something only six year old's get giddy over,but I am pleased :)

counting down the days...


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