Prom and Pom-Poms...

Monday, May 10, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my sister Kalea said to me

"I think we might go to Applebee's before Prom"

I said "Applebee's huh? Why don't I set something up for you and your friends at my house?"

My sister, who is always down for anything, said "Okay. Sure"

For one, I did not want Applebee's to be a part of my sisters prom memories. There is nothing wrong with Applebees's. I enjoy 1/2 off appetizers just as much as the next person, but for prom?? I just wanted to her to have something a bit more special. Also, I love any reason to decorate for a party.

The day was pretty hectic and I was definitely on a time crunch. My cousin Keelie, who attends the same high school as my sister therefore was also attending prom, called me around 11 asking if I could please do her make-up as well as her two friends. I obliged, even though I knew it probably did not fit in my schedule. WE WILL MAKE IT WORK! was my moto for the day. They came over, I painted on the eye-shadow, they looked beautiful (esp. my cousin, no bias, I swear... okay fine) and they went on their way.

I needed to be at my sister’s house to help her get ready plus do hair for two of her friends. I jumped in the shower, threw on whatever, and made the long trek around the block to my mom's house. Thankfully she only lives around the corner because I forgot the hairspray, and those do's were not going to stay up without a little something.

Three hours and about a hundred curls later, they looked gorgeous, my back was killing me, and I raced back to my house with my mom to set-up. My mom is pro at the party thing, so we got everything done in about a half hour.

Everything looked great as the girls arrived. They all looked really pretty and I was so happy all of them wore classy, ladylike dresses without any leopard or zebra print. After all, being a lady never goes out of style!
The night went great and according to my sister they all really enjoyed themselves. Success! I was happy to be able to make my sisters night just a bit more special and that group of girls could not have been any sweeter.


JessicaLynnette said...

Awww!!!! You did such a great job!!!!! Love the pom poms. :) The girls look gorgeous! Your such a good big sister!!!

I want to go to prom again! lol.

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