Earlier this year I posted my goals for my 23rd year of living.
Because I am so loyal to my dear habit, procrastination, I have not made much of a dent. Being that "Get fit and healthy" took the number one spot on the list, I have decided to start majorly focusing on it. I have got some extra chub, to say the least, that has been attached to my body for far to long.
* if anyone is in the market for chub I would part with mine at a very decent rate and I don't look to be running out anytime soon. Is it similar to lard? I just grossed myself out... sorry.*
Of course, I would like to look and feel better but more importantly I know I need to be healthier.
The last couple of months I had really been making an effort to eat healthy and work out everyday, but after a bout of illness and an incessant cough I lost my groove (how did stella get her's back again?) and some motivation.
I decided I needed a little extra help and a bit more accountability.

Before you start handing over a lap-band procedure brochure I have an announcement.
I have joined Weight Watchers. Online
Okay. I said it.
To be completely honest, I was a bit embarrassed about it. It seemed a little pathetic to me. I told myself " You are only 23! get your butt out there, eat healthier, exercise and you will be in the shape you want in no time. You don't need this program. Only mother's 45 and older with 3 plus children who wear polo shirts and cotton capris in bright pink use weight watchers!"
* I am pretty certain I do not have any of the aforementioned women reading my blog but if I do... you look amazing in those capris! work it!*
I felt like using this sort of program would give off some preconceived notion that I just cannot stop eating!
I know perfectly well that is not that case. In fact I do not even have a very large appetite, but I suppose insecurities come in all shapes and sizes (ha!). I did know however, that I just needed a little something extra to help me get where I want to be.
Ultimately, when I started to take a look at what it had to offer I thought that it was really what I was needing. Something that could hold me accountable and help me to just make better choices and understand what it is I need to do for myself.

I started this week and so far so good. I hope to use this blog as another measure of accountability. I will keep it updated on my progress and maybe one day show off my new booty!
Although, my butt is extremely flat,I mean if a surface is too slick I slide right off.
I wonder if WW has an implant program?


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