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Friday, July 2, 2010

So we are off to LA for the long weekend once again. Thankfully, TK is joining me so I do not have to drive (score!) I have plans to sleep, eat sour patch kids, sleep, bug TK, and sleep some more. We are making this trip to help our besties The Pattersons. aka: Ryan and Debbie aka: Tim's sister and brother in law move into their new place in Los Angeles!
I have been rather exhausted this week so I am trying to adjust my mental state and pack in some energy for this weekend. You should have seen me last night.
I got home from work around 4 and ate a bowl of cereal and planned to sleep.

TK called me and said he would be late so I had to take Murphy to the vet. I cried about it because I did not feel like going and made my husband think he was being a jerk which resulted in a lovely text from him apologizing for being a jerk which made me realize he is sweet and I am the real jerk which meant I had to send him a text back apologizing too. geez.
I felt like if I took Murphy and left Sal, that Sal might think I was playing favorites and resent me for leaving him home alone, so I took both pups.
(does that thought make me crazy? obsessed? pathetic? be honest. I can take it)

2 dogs at the vet = harder than one dog at the vet.

*Dear Sal and Murphy,
Although you would not stay seated in the back seat as I had instructed, and the darker half of you jumped on the shifter putting my car in neutral, and you insisted on traveling the opposite direction that I was heading resulting in two very seriously tangled leads...
Thank you for not peeing or pooping at the vet. I may have cried, so I really appreciate it.
Love , Mom*

I got home, ate dinner and conked out on the couch. I was like mouth open, drool, zombie eyes, out.
On second thought I am glad you could not see me. I would have provided some great blackmailing photos.
Just another example of how sweet my husband is. I totally would have snapped some shots of him and posted them all over his face book but he probably never considered it.
He knew what he was getting into when he married me.
I know moving and helping R. patz (ha!) and Debs settle in is on the agenda, but I am hoping to get a chance to do some shopping. Arizona is failing me in a big way right now.
Have a happy fourth!



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