Watching the Weight- Week 2

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This week, against the advice of the program, I became obsessed with weighing in everyday. Maybe like 2 or 3 times a day.
This caused much frustration for me this week. I was fluctuating up and down a few pounds all week and I just did not understand it.
Tk says it is because I have to poop and then weigh myself.

Diet? Great! I ate super healthy all week and stayed way within the "rules". I did not go over my points and in fact had at least 5 left at the end of everyday.

Exercise? 5 times this week. I feel I probably could have done more, but since I was just getting back in the game I felt really good about how hard I pushed during my workouts and that I stayed committed throughout the whole week.

Weight loss? 1 pound.
How does that happen? I know I know, 1 pound a week is a healthy weight loss but it does make it hard to understand. Last week I lost 3 pounds. This week I ate right on target and incorporated exercise and just 1 pound?

Although frustrated I do not feel too bad about it. I know that I stayed on track and I suppose that is really the best that I can do. I think this week I am going to try and change up my diet a bit and see how that works. I have been eating mostly fruits outside my meals and I think I need to incorporate more veggies.
Also I need to add my measurements to track that as well.

Next weekend we are off to cali for a couple days and TK already has his heart set on a visit to Tommy's.

I am going to have to stay home from work all week just to work out enough to eat one chili cheese fry.
oh that man.

Edit: I took TK's advice and after was down another pound hahaha... gotta love em!


sasha said...

number one rule of dieting...don't weigh yourself every day! once a week MAX. you'll drive urself crazy. if you eat something, that's weight. If you drink a glass of water, that's 8 oz(or, half a pound). So of course that is going to reflect on the scale. Weighing urself even once a day will reflect nothing (my dad was a nutrition nut back in his day, so I've heard this all before from him). That's like working for a few hrs and checking your direct deposit acct to see if ur boss paid u. If they pay u weekly or bi-weekly, they aren't going to start paying you daily or hourly. same with your body. one lb= 3500 cals, so that's a LOT to burn. the fact that you've lost a solid 4 lbs in 2 weeks is SO GREAT. thats a 1,000 EXTRA cals a day that you've squashed, trust me , you are right on track! so proud of u! plus, losing inches won't show up on the scale. and if you're working out, you're gaining muscle. which weighs more than fat. so that might start showing up on the scale. always weigh urself in the morning (after u poop, and before u eat breakfast or have a drink of water or juice or anything). you're an inspiration to us all! I'm all motivated to give up starbucks and get up early to go on the treadmill now haha! LOVE U!

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