I hate my walls...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For awhile now I have been dead set on completely re-doing my living room. The feel of the room is just not jiving with me. I have been finding inspiration through all my blog and design site perusing that really speaks to my taste and style and I am ready for a change.
I am really loving just a very simple, fresh look with lots of original pieces, pops of color, wonderfully displayed collections, lovely mid-century furniture incorporated with my love for all things vintage.

Maybe something like this , or this, or even this.

Much to my husbands dismay, I am going to re-paint the walls. I got the idea in my head and it is stuck. I tried to make a few adjustments and see if i could live with it but everyday I look at my walls and I feel more and more hate towards those yellow and green walls. They just sit there looking all bright and throwing off everything in the room. They must be gone!

I tried to talk TK into buying a new couch. that conversation went something like this:
Me:"Can we buy a new couch, baby, i love you, please!"
He: "No"
Me: "Can we sell the couch and buy another one?"
He: "No, we won't get what we paid for it."
Me: "What if i find another couch and I can sell this couch for the same price and that will cover it and damn boy you are sexy, and then it is like an even trade?"
So I bought a new slip cover and that will have to do.

An essential part of making this room what I want it to be is finding a new dining table. If i did not mention before, the living area runs straight into the dining area so it all needs to mesh well.
I have had my eye on some lovely mid century pieces but none that fit into that damned thing called a budget.
I found a table yesterday for $525 and was trying to talk my husband into believing that was reasonable and do able... he was on the "ehhhh I don't know right now" side of things when I opened up craigstlist and found a listing just posted by what seems to be the hand of God!
Almost the exact same table for $250! TK was all for it and I begged him to call the guy immediately and guess what... it is ours!!

Forgive the picture, I do not want to show it sitting in our house yet because, well those walls are too close to it, so this is the picture from the ad.
This makes me super anxious to continue with the re-decorating process... plus wouldn't TK look way cute in a little painter hat and overalls?


The Divine Miss Em said...

Yes... he would. I can't wait to see it done!!

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