Watching the Wieght- Week 1

Monday, July 12, 2010

I decided since Sunday is my "weigh-in-day" I would try to post about my progress, Sunday or Monday... or some time shortly after that.
I do not want this blog to turn into my personal wieght loss diary with posts titled "desperate for a twinkie"- although I doubt that would ever happen because I absolutely hate twinkies- I just want to try and keep myself accountable and log my progess briefly each week.

So what is the progress?
Pretty well, considering my very first day on the plan my husband walks in the room saying " Chinese Buffet please!". I am not sure if it is going to be harder for me or him to get used to this.
I have no expectations as to what I want to achieve weekly. I just want to try and stay on point, be active and see what that brings me.

Weight loss for this week? 3 pounds.
Not a ton, but a healthy loss and enough to keep my confidence up.
I am actually looking forward to the week ahead and getting back to being physical. I have been so drained these last couple of weeks and I finally feel ready to go somewhere other than the couch to the bed.

Ms.O. Newton, are you ready to move?


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