WtW- Week 3 and other stuff...

Monday, July 26, 2010

We are back, once again, from our trip to California.

I am pretty beat today. The drive seemed like an eternity.

Let's just say that after a few dozen road trips together occasionaly your driving buddy can get on your nerves and let's just say that when that real deep down (and sometimes not nice) talk commences you don't want to be stuck in a car for six hours to hash it out.

And Ladies and Gentlemen I give you... a real marriage.

The weekend otherwise was fabulous. The breezy, under 85 degree weather had me seriously reconsidering my residential location. When I started to feel the heat coming through the windows there were a few , Do you think it could work?, Well what if we...? Let's consider....
(My sister in law is getting excited right now while reading this because the four of us are best of friends and we have never lived less than 6 hours away from one another but just hold your horses there debs.)

The Renegade Craft fair was great! I picked up a few goodies but as usual no pictures. Just imagine... Sunny California day, lots of handmade jewelry, yarn, sewing, crafts and cute puppies walking around and there you have it!

To top the weekend off I spent a good amount of time yesterday squeezing the leg rolls on my beautiful niece and kissing her a zillion times (which is only enough to last her until next months visit!)

So to the matters of weight.... I gained one pound this week. Quite honestly I had been preparing to majorly grub this weekend and expecting to blow my whole weight loss to date but I surprised myself with some not so terrible food choices and only a one pound gain. It does not even bother me one bit.

Now back to the norm.


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