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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So excited! I am taking the first step in accomplishing goals #4 and #5...
Rachel from Smile and Wave (along with her friends) is teaching this:

and I just signed up for it!.
Can't wait for class to begin!!
Those other classes by the way, that I may have registered for or may not have registered for 3 weeks before classes start, I am not so excited about.


The Divine Miss Em said...

If you would like to practice making table numbers, I would not object to receiving those!

sasha said...

this looks awesome! the vintage sailor dress is a must for leila!

Rachel said...

exciting! :) I've always wished I could sew.

bk said...

Em- After this class, if i cannot knock out your table numbers with a bang... i am a failure!
Sash- It does looks awesome and I am way excited but what sailor dress? Hmm i saw the a pattern for a sailor dress on a different site,are you blog stalking me?!

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