My Weekend in an Instax

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weekend we traveled back to ca to pick up my adorable niece and her wonderful mom.
Of course, while we were there we got in a little friend action too. I intended on getting great photos but that did not really happen. I don't really feel like these pictures convey how great of a weekend it was, but let me tell you... the weekend was really great.

We rode the metro for the first time and loved it! 1.50 each way? what the heck! Just a little fact about me, I have never ridden any type of public transportation before. Yes, I am 23, so what.
I wish we had a subway in the AZ, but the stations underground would probably feel similar to hell in this heat.

* that man holding his child totally thought I was taking a picture of him.. actually that is my husband standing next to him...see? yeah, that one.
Our destination on the metro was Universal CityWalk. ten minutes! that is all it took.
I bought a new nose ring, and Tk picked through 75% off candy at a closing candy store, then all five of us grubbed on Tommy's chili fries and a hot dog from Pink's
(as mentioned in my previous post)
*I apologize for these insanely poor pictures. On the left, if you look real close, that blue outlined figure is King Kong.
We jumped on the metro back home, ate Thai food, and then engaged in some intense Jenga play.

Sunday we grabbed lunch and then headed to pick up that baby! We had to practically pull her out of my brothers arms, but you can't blame him...she is so stinking cute!!
* can I just point out that he needs a haircut really bad?
The ride home seemed long this time, but it was worth it to get a whole nine days with our darling babe.
I am ready for next weekend.


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