My Weekend in an Instax...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I was trying not to have my Instax posts back to back but I was way pre-occupied with baby cuteness all this week to even this about this here blog.
And, I know... It is Wednesday a little late on the "weekend" part but I had Tuesday off so today sort of felt like Monday so I think it all works out in the end.

Weekend consisted of:

A little thrifting with Madre, Brittany and Livi. My mom was set to go on a Goodwill Saturday tour but I have been under the weather and by the time I woke up I only made it to one. I found some cute sheets for fabric and that's about it... but Liela made out.
* 50% off at goodwill, ever other Saturday.

When I took this picture I was trying to capture the glorious double rainbow in the sky. Obviously, I failed. It was sort of like this guy's

One of us had a Popsicle and needed a bath. Umm hello cutest bather ever!

As you can see some of us were pooped by the end of the weekend.
Puppy brother bonding gets my right in the heart every time.

That was pretty much it. We finished the weekend off with a quiet Sunday watching the Emmy's.

January Jones, better luck next time.


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