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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have been doing too much of this lately,
* crappy blackberry photo.
to think about watching my weight (am I using my niece as en excuse? Hell yes!) or to share my weekend with you in an instax.
So just a quick note on some things:
- Instax will be posted tonight...probably...most likely.
- WtW week 7. I was in California Sunday (weigh in day) and I did not weigh in. I could probably guess that the scale would not have shown what I wanted to see though. I did not work out the entire week. I can try to reason with myself that I was very busy preparing for the weekend trip and our house guests, but ultimately I know that if I really wanted to work in a workout, I would have. I then indulged a bit on some grub in CA. Although, Tommy's chili fries and a hot dog from Pink's is not that bad when shared with 4 other people, but just as delicious!
Side Letter:
You are seriously lacking in options for delicious chili fries. Please do something about that.
Thank you
Side Note:
Is there something off about making a request to the entire state of Arizona to provide me with chili fries during my "Watching the Weight" post? No right? right.
Anyhow, I think I slightly made up for my hefty (get it?) indiscretions with a hike to the Griffith Observatory on Saturday with Tk, Sasha, Debbie and Ryan.
Did you know.... I hate hiking. I really don't get it, but doing it with your besties is not SO bad, and the view was pretty amazing.
- Tuesday was an insanely bad day for me but doing a ton of the above with Liela made it soooo much better. I wish I could keep her around so I can get kisses and hugs and squeezes in whenever I want to.
Stop right there... No. I am not going to just have one of my own... yet.
- This quick note is turning into a long post.
- I am ending it here.


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