WtW-Week 5

Monday, August 9, 2010

Okay let's just get straight to it...
Weight loss: 1 pound.
I have to be honest, I am kind of falling into a "what the eff is up with this one pound deal?" attitude.
I know it is considered a "healthy weight loss" but after reviewing my eating and exercise habits each week, I am a bit perplexed as to how this thing is working. I do not see much of a difference from week to week to one week lose 3 pounds and one week lose one pound and so on.
I pushed the exercise a lot more this week and other than a 3 am trip to ihop where I indulged in one nutella crepe, I kept a very close eye on what I ate.
I am noticing that I am sticking pretty closely to eating the same foods day after day... so much so that I often do not log my meal because I already know I am staying within my range.
I am thinking maybe I should mix up my diet a bit and work more veggies in... not a huge fan of veggies,but I suppose they are necessary.
I want to get back to faithfully logging and meal planning...no falling off of this wagon!

School starts in two weeks and that same week Britt and my lovely butterball niece will be visiting, so I really want to try and use the next two weeks to turn it up a notch and work my butt off.
* Note: Baby chub is 0 points/ 0 cals so I am free to eat as much as I desire*

On with week 5!


You know you totally want to eat this baby too!


The Divine Miss Em said...

oh my god... cutest picture ever.

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