New Feature... My Weekend in an Instax

Monday, August 9, 2010

For Christmas last year,Tk bough me a FugiFilm Instax Mini Camera and a bundle of film. I dropped hints like crazy and he totally pulled through. The thing is, other than that first month when I was all hyped up about it, I have not used it much. It is a bad habit of mine.

Soooooo, in an effort to get some use out of it (because I really do love it and highly recommend it) I am going to try (try!) and incorporate a new weekly feature on this here blog....

"My Weekend in an Instax"...clever? No. Well I tried.

Each weekend I will use my instax camera to capture a few images that stick out to me.
So here is my first week...of course Sal and Murphy are starting it off with some mad cuteness!

*click to enlarge
1. Murphy lickin' it up
2. Tk's garden gnome collection..wierd, I know
3. Rainbow cupcakes for livi's 12th birthday
4. The boys...Sal's nose just kills me!


The Divine Miss Em said...

I think 3 is the rule for a collection... sounds like he needs another gnome!

sasha said...

love this idea! so cute!

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