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Monday, March 21, 2011

My head has been all over the place as of late and it seems like I am adding more stuff to my to-do list by the minute both at the office and at home...
So I thought I would take a queue from
Danielle and write down five "Better Myself" goals to keep myself mentally on track this week and feeling good/better. I think she is pretty spot on with the areas I would like to focus on. Thanks Danielle!
Here it goes...

[Nutrition] track all meals and get back in the game with WW

[Exercise] one hour workout at least four times this week

[Relationships]disconnect at a decent hour (from tv,computer,phone) to spend more quality time with TK

[Creativity] catch up on all my Indie Biz 3.0 homework. Creativity was the whole point of the class right?

[Me-time] actually taking a lunch at work and finally finishing
this book after months of one page here and there

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