My weekend in an instant...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Notice that slight change in title there, huh? yeah whatevs...

Anywhoo. This weekend we got an unexpected visit from Tims dad who lives in California. Literally, it was like
Thursday Night:
Tim, I am coming to visit
Awesome! When?

So other than the rushed thursday all night clean fest to make our home suitable, it was great!
(In all honesty, I did not clean at all. I have been dealing with a massive kink in my neck which is causing some serious pain, so while I went to get a massage to try and take care of this thing TK and my darling, sweet sister Olivia stepped in and cleaned the whole house. I am seriously so blessed. Thanks guys!)

It turned out to be a nice relaxing weekend, just spending some quality family time. TK was really happy his dad was here and that made me really happy :)
Photobucket korean food 2.revolving sushi souvenir 4.father-son

Sunday we spent the day with my sisters and I share livi's sentiment when she said:
"I am glad we did this, it has been awhile"

5.pup treats 6.bday owl 7.artweave@ 8.amococo-more on this later!

My long list of errands still stands incomplete, but it was definitely worth it :)


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i figured out how to comment! LOL LOL LOL its me sal

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