My eye on: Vintage Luggage

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basically, I have a love for all items you can carry stuff in. Be it, a purse, a tote, a carry on bag, a suitcase and so on. It is a little out of hand.
But when it is vintage, it reaches all new levels.
I adore vintage luggage. Every time I am thrifting I have to practice extreme self control to not come home with a whole new set of suitcases and carry ons that I really just do not need. I have though about forgoing the closet and dresser set up and storing all my clothes in old suitcases. I am not sure how practical that would be, but I do know it would be pretty!
I have been searching etsy all day looking for a bday present for a friend and came across these beauties:
luggage collage

I think this just means I need to go on more vacations so I have a reason to purchase.
Good. Help me convince TK.


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