My weekend in an Instant...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So I know I am way late on this but I had some issues getting the pictures off my phone and once they were off I was just lazy. No excuses. It has been so long I sort of don't remember last weekend.
Ummm.... oh yes I will do it quick re-cap style


-Got home from work and took a nap

-Met up with Tim's friend from work and went to 1st Friday (art walk) in Downtown Phoenix. We have never been so it was nice to check it out and it was a lot of fun.


-Came home from the above around 12:30

-Started making cake pops- did not finish until about 4am
-While cake pops were "setting" we cleaned the house

-Slept for a few hours, was awoken by my mother at 8:45 coming into my house.

(reminder: take key back from mom)

-Finished cleaning house and prepared backyard for Baby Shower

-1:00pm 1st Guest arrives for baby shower

-1:01pm-7:29pm Conduct baby shower

-7:30pm see last baby shower guest out the door

-7:35pm Contemplate going out, decide to watch Bones instead


-Wake up sometime in the afternoon

-Lay around and watch Bones

-Go to dinner around 6:00pm and wonder why we did not order in so we could watch more Bones

-Come home watch more Bones

Yeah,we are living the life.



D|i|Y EM|i| said...

1. I think I should have been saved a delicious cake pop.
2. I think you need a Bones intervention... psych!

amyschmamey said...

Do cake pops really take a long time to make? I have never had one... They are so pretty though. What a weekend. I seriously am jealous of all these people who live out in the West. I was Born in El Paso, TX and lived 5 years in Las Vegas, NV. I love the West. It's my favorite. I also like the snow. Maybe I am conflicted.

kristin e bazan. said...

i read your comment over at fancy biscuit and giiiiirrrrllll i could not agree more w/ you! love love loved it. :] i'm gonna have to stalk your blog a bit this wkend. hehe.

brianna kim said...

Amy- Cake pops do take a little while to make but is super simple and they are so cute I think it is worth it!

Kristen-Thanks so much! I appreciate that!

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