My weekend in an instant...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I don't like very much when my "weekend" posts are so close together because it means I have been a bad blogger. I had so many things I intended to blog about this week but I was a bit pre-occupied in my own head, thinking over and over again about seriously life choices I will probably need to make soon. Sometimes it is hard not to get wrapped up in thoughts of the future and it can be scary and overwhelming. This week I am trying to set that aside and remind myself, you cannot plan for everything, it is probably just best to go with what you think is right!

I hope to be introducing some new regular features that I think will be fun and will keep me consistent with my blogging.
Now step aside serious talk...enter the weekend!

After my week of stress full thinking I really needed this fun filled weekend.

My mom and aunt went to see Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks on Friday. What! Legends! It was entirely last minute, like a few hours before the show. My mom begged me to go but my aunt had already purchased the tickets and could not get me one in their area. Owell. I decided to meet them for dinner before the show anyhow and that was lots of fun. No pictures though so umm... moving on!

Saturday Tim ran a bunch of errands and I laid around and had a lazy afternoon and watched this for the first time

That evening we met up with Emily and Pat for dinner at Latitude 8 in downtown chandler, one of our faves.

*note:I would like to thank my sister in law Debbie for pushing me into the world of lipstick. I could never do it without you debs.

Tim and Pat had yet to meet and I think they hit it off! Yay to new friends :)
*sorry for these crappy photos!

My grandma loves to find free events to go to so on Sunday she came over and I took her and my sisters to an Asian festival in mesa. We have been to better free festivals but it was a good time and I love hanging with my adorable little grams.

We ended the weekend with a lovely husband/wife dinner date at Oregano's. This weekend was just busy enough to keep my mind free of worry but also not too occupied to cause stress. Perfect! Wishing a great week to you all :)

P.S. our pups have had bad diarrhea since last week and it has finally cleared up! This is really starting our week off in a good way, because surprise pup poop on your bed is no bueno.


Kara said...

Ok so, A) The Graduate is the weirdest movie of all time. B) You look amazing in that lipstick. C) I hope your pups feel better, but I admit that I lol'd a little bit at that last sentence :)

brianna kim said...

Kara- I totally agree with you on the Graduate! I thought it was going to be some super romantic movie or something but it was so strange. From the story to the cinematography, very strange.
Thanks for the compliment :) and dont worry, i laughed at my husband when he found the poop on our bed with his foot! hahaha

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