Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am in need of new glasses. I only wear the ones I have at night, before bed because the prescription is bad. Once in a meeting at work, I was reading off a name from the overhead projector and I said "The participants name is Sean Sean?" it was not, I just could not see, so everyone laughed. Maybe that does not seem like such a funny story but we do not have much fun at work, so you know, we take what we can get.

So I have been searching around for awhile and I compiled a list of my faves:

Via Spexclub

Via Warby Parker

And just when I thought I had narrowed down my choices, although six pairs might not seem so narrow, Heart Charlie went and posted her adorable new specs...

So I am at a total toss up! Leave me a comment and help me choose or I may end up like this again...

Are you a four eyes? Where do you buy glasses from?


D|i|Y EM|i| said...

I vote owen in tortoise if possible

kristen said...

I'm dying for some frames from Warby Parker! But I found this website today:http://www.bonlook.com/
and some of their stuff is pretty nice too. and the prices are nice.

brianna kim said...

Em- thank you for your vote, it will be put into consideration

Kristen- ah i love this site! Thanks for making this decesion even harder!!

mandyface said...

I'm Warby Parker girl! I loooove their selection! And that they donate a pair for a pair!

brianna kim said...

I totally forgot they donate... thanks for the reminder mandy!

Kara said...

I wear glasses but I haven't had to buy any for a loooong time. If I needed new ones though, I'd def go with Warby Parker. Sooooo cute and such a great deal!

amyschmamey said...

Warby Parker Crosby ones are so cute. I need new glasses, but probably won't get them for a while. :) Can't wait to see the ones you choose.

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