This week...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wow what a great weekend! I love when our besties come to visit and when a newborn baby is thrown into the mix, even better!
(more on that later)

Lately, I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable with myself. Just sluggish, super un-fit and tired all the time. Do you guys ever feel that way?
This week I am hoping to get back on track and I think that will make me feel better.
Here are my goals for this week...

Nutrition- in an effort to save money and get back on the healthy eating train, I am seriously going to try and prepare dinner at home every night this week. seriously, I am.

Exercise- just do it. thanks Nike.

Relationships- hopefully spend some time with my lil' newborn cousin because lovin' on newborn good smelling babies cannot do anything but make you happy and....hopefully meet up with my super awesome cousin who just moved back into town... hit me up jack!

Me-time- I honestly failed miserably at this one last week so I am recycling this goal. Get to bed at a decent hour so I do not feel like a zombie all day long. Is it possible to set your electricity to go out at a certain time? Maybe forced darkness will help put me to bed.

Creativity- organize, organize, organize

Wishing you all a good week!


kristin e bazan. said...

i've def been sluggish for a while now. i think it's my lack of exercise. i know i need to make that a priority, but it just isn't. :/ good luck w/ you goals this wk! maybe if i write some down for the world to see i'll get w/ it. hehe.

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