My weekend in an instant...

Monday, April 11, 2011

I wanted to post this last night but I crashed on the couch and now I cannot sleep. See how badly I fail at that "me-time" goal? It is not entirely my fault. I had an unexpected guest named Allergies drop by. I told him Zyrtec was for dinner but he did not get the hint and stuck around for awhile. Owell... On to the photos!

As I have mentioned a zillion times by now our besties Ryan and Debbie (who also happens to be Tim's sister) were in town this weekend. We visit them quite often in H-wood so it is nice when they come to our town for a visit. A lot of the time when we see each other there is something going on... A funeral, a wedding, a birthday ... so it it is nice when we just get the opportunity to chill and spend time with each other.
They arrived late Thursday so TK and I took Friday off from work. yay! that already makes everything great!

Friday was super chill. We went to Scottsdale Fashion to do a little shopping and to try Five Guys. I do not eat hamburgers simply because they are gross but the overall concensus was... Delish!

I ran into Kristen and Courtney, two new blog friends from the blogger meet up at Anthro! super score! It was great to see them again even if only for a few minutes. I cannot wait to meet up with all the girls again sometime soon :)

After the mall we made a stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes. I have never been and I thought it was eh just alright. But I mean who passes up a cupcake?

Saturday I wanted to take everyone around Phoenix and share with them all the great places I found out about during the blogger meet up, but unfortunately it was raining pretty much all day so our plans got rained on haha. I know. hush. whatevs.
We grabbed lunch at a local place in Chandler that is always super goooood and then I got word that my cousins baby just arrived so we rushed to the hospital!

World, welcome Lily-Tulie Jade Aliffua. She is an adorable bundle of joy!
(Not to mention she shares a middle name with like a super awesome amazing person, wink)

Sunday we ate brunch at Cork, a place TK has been wanting to try for awhile. It was a pretty pricey place and the food was just okay but it came with free mimosas! I tried to drink one and only got about half way through...owell

After lunch we said our goodbyes to The Pattersons and discussed our plans for the rest of the day but we both fell asleep so ended up taking the pups to the park and then coming home and watching Bones, of course.

Overall such a great weekend. It is such a pleasure to have house guests and we miss them already!

P.S. to those that have expressed concern regarding our Bones obsession...don't worry we are getting help. There is a psychologist on the show.

P.S.S. Ryan, along with our good friend Sal,run a site called Cromeyellow. Movies, Music and pretty much all things rad. Check it out!


D|i|Y EM|i| said...

Corked? wtf? I have been wanting to go there for the last 37 days! Totally jeal! Did you try the brulee grapefruit?? That is what sold me, even though I don't like grapefruit.

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