Sunday, May 15, 2011

{this was intended to be posted earlier this week but as you are all aware, Blogger had some issues and then well... I got lazy.But this post is pretty boring so Blogger probably went down trying to keep me from posting it. owell. here you go}

Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home from work. As nice as it was to not have to go in to the office, I was out with a weird fever and stomach bug. gross. lame. and more gross. I realized when I am sick I usually follow the same patterns. So I snapped a few shots of what my days are like when I am down and out:

I sleep a lot and regardless if it is on the couch or on the bed, my loyal pup companions never leave my side. (This might be crazy dog lady talk but their kisses totally have healing powers right?)

I watch movies that I have seen over and over again...again.

And my mom without fail, always, no matter what she has going on, makes me chicken noodle soup. (Now we know there is no question, a mothers love definitely has healing powers)

Thankfully, the bug is now gone. Unfortunately, that means I can work again. Sometimes I wish I could come down with appendicitis, or something non life threatening, so I could be out of work for awhile. Terrible. I know.

What are your sick day rituals?


Amber said...

Awww :( Sorry you were sick. I hate being sick. I always put on comedies when I'm sick, so I feel a little better laughing, haha. Besides that, I try and sleep a lot!

You don't like your work, I guess? What do you do?

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