My Weekend in an instant...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think this blog might become more boring each and every week. I realize I only ever post about my weekends and things my husband says and I wonder why some (few but some) people actually read this. Have you been wondering the same thing? Maybe even right this second as your reading this? I understand if you want to leave. I will mail you a parting gift.

We went to California this weekend for two special reasons.
1. Sasha (thehotkillerbff) bday
2. To watch Fast Five
(Considering Sasha has a birthday every year and there is NOT a new fast and furious movie every year, I am sure we are all on the same page with which event ranks higher in importance)

We made great time on the road. To speed things up and avoid stopping for a snack I packed us a couple bagel sandwiches (with bacon and alfalfa sprouts). I only had to pee once. Go bladder! and we arrived at Sal's before 10.

We met up with the gang (just our friends, no crips or bloods) for dinner. We intended to watch the 11:45 showing but when Tim went to purchase our tickets it was sold out!
All joy and happiness immediately drained from my body as soon as I heard the words "Sold Out". I was short of breath from lack of extreme car chases and I longed for a bad screenplay.Tears were filling my eyes, when he said "But we got tickets for 12:30" and all was right again. It was as I suspected, cheesy and over the top and amazing!

Saturday Sash picked me up for a birthday lunch with her family. I love her family. seriously. We went to this great place called The Whale and Ale in San Pedro. We had a kooky server who kept things pretty lively. Did I mention I love Sasha's family? They are so fun.

We headed over to the Korean Friendship Bell with her sisters,just walked around and hung out and snapped a couple of photos. Boy do I miss the beach and not being able to see it and smell it whenever I want to.

That night a bunch of us went to a Prince concert! There were lots of people in crazy purple outfits, and lots of people smoking pot and Prince did lots of encores.It was super weird but fun!
Funfact, well maybe not so fun: in the history of our friendship, which is many years, I have never been able to spend Sasha's birthday with her. I was so happy to finally be able to do that.
(I am just going to put this out there boys...she is single. Ya, I know. I will give you her number just don't tell her you got it from me. ok?)

Sunday only got better. I got to spend a few hours at the park playing with my little Liela. I miss her so much and I am excited for them to visit this month!

We ended up hanging out at Sal's house (while I watched my first episode of X-files. I need more!) pretty late and did not get on the road till about 6 which means we did not get home till about 12:30 so we were pooped. I think I am still playing catch up from this weekend but it was def worth it!


Katherine said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! And that bagel sandwich looks DELISH. Haha! I need a good road trip in my life.

❤ Katherine

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