Friday, June 17, 2011

Four years ago today, I lost one of the best guys I have ever met. He also happened to be my cousin. Matthew is his name, but I liked to call him Mateo. He was also one of my best friends and a brother. Things got a little bit darker for us all that day, and it has stayed just a bit dim. But how could your world not be any less bright without this beautiful smile around?

Not one day passes that I don't think about Matt. Sometimes those thoughts bring nothing but smiles to my face and other times just tears. Matthew was known and loved, and is now missed, by so many people. Even though many called him a friend, it always makes me a bit sad to think that no one else will get the chance to meet him and experience what it is like to have someone like him in their life. So I want to introduce you to my cousin Matt and share a few things about him that I love and I know you would too.

First things first, no one could ever love as fiercely or be as loyal as Matthew. Family is everything to him and if Matt was around you never had to worry about someone having your back. He stood firm on what he believed and knew was right and no one could shake him. Not ever. So now that we got a little bit of serious stuff out of the way let me fill you in on what was the constant entertainment of Matthew.

Everyone should be aware that he preferred to be called "The Matt" and without hesitation he would inform you that "King" or "Mr. Awesome" would work just as well. He was the most stylish and well groomed man I have ever met. Let me tell you, I have yet to meet another person who showers and does their hair before going to the gym! Photobucket

Matthew and I not only worked together for a few years we also sat right next to each other, so I was "fortunate to be able to hear the thoughts and ideas of The Matt", as he informed me...daily. Here is just a taste of the sort of words I was blessed with:

"One day I will have a non-stop party and my own bus and I will go on a nation wide tour. It will be called MATT-A-PALOOZA. I will be a big star because people will want to party with the Matt but don't worry Brianna you can come along, because you are my cousin and I will need an assistant"

"I need to learn spanish so I can take a trip to cuba but I think all I need to learn is the following, 1. You can stand next to me if you do not talk to much. 2. It's okay I am The Matt!"

"I really think ostrich eggs could be used as weapons. Have you ever seen one? They are really big and if you were standing on your roof and dropped it on someone it could definitely do damage. I think I will test it on your friend Jerame when he comes to visit. Tell him to watch out"

He was truly convinced that Tim, even though he is Korean, would be most successful as a Japanese Pop-Star. He reminded him of this daily and encouraged him to follow his dreams.

As inspiring and intuitive as his words are, the thing that probably impressed me most about Matt, was his face:
Boy, do I miss that face.

I miss you everyday, Matt. Every single day. Thanks for these memories...I really am fortunate.


amyschmamey said...

What great memories to have. I am sorry that you lost him. This is a great tribute post.

brianna kim said...

thanks amy :)

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