Friday, June 17, 2011

*Griffith Observatory-Los Angeles, Ca

Ah, finally it is Friday! For most of the day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday and each time I was reminded it was not I was just oh so sad. haha. I think mostly it is because I am so excited to head to LA tonight! It has been over a month since we have gone back and lately I have just been so dang homesick I really need to see my friends and it is getting hot here so I could use a big dose of California weather (although I don't think it has been too bad for the middle of June. I just want to clarify that to keep things good between me and AZ. Keep it up Arizona!)

So for all of you that don't get to escape for the weekend (sucks for you! j/K although it probably does sucks for you) maybe these links can keep you busy:

TK and I watched Super 8 over the weekend and LOVED it! It really is quite a darling film, so read about it here and go then go catch it if you have not already! VIA CROMEYELLOW

This new Death Cab song has been on repeat for me all week and has been surprisingly encouraging. I am really loving the new album, btw.

Within seconds of seeing this I purchased this. Now I am anxiously awaiting for it's arrival so star lit dance parties can commence!

Read this. Just because everyone wants, no scratch that, everyone NEEDS more Nic Cage in their life.

When I decide to have a kid, I might just try and buy one of these guys Via Misha!

Have a great weekend!


amyschmamey said...

SUPER 8 was the BEST EVER! Well. Maybe not EVER, but I am going to see it again tomorrow... I can't wait.

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